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MS Pilsudski

Visit the site devoted to MS Pilsudski - the famous pre-war Polish Ocean Liner named after Jozef Pilsudski and bearing at its bow the badge of the First Brigade.




100 Great Poles!

Who would you include? Join the fun!


All Saints' Day is observed throughout Poland [on] Wednesday [1st November], with families meeting at the graves of their deceased relatives, officials laying wreaths at tombs of historic figures and clergymen celebrating masses.

Lighting candles on Polish Airforce graves at Donington in Shropshire.
Join us in visiting the graves at St. Cuthberts - a beautiful English Church

"The Polish State has arisen by the will of the whole nation." - Jozef Pilsudski
Find out about the Polish struggle for independence which culminated in Pilsudski's historic message to World Leaders on 11th November 1918.

Independence Day in Warsaw's Pilsudski Square.

Find out all about the pre-war Polish Leader, Soldier and Statesman!

November Uprising 1830...

171st Anniversary of the November Uprising of 1830.

May 12th Ceremony at the Katyn Memorial at Cannock Chase in Staffordshire, UK.

Find out about Easter in Poland and in the Polish community in Kidderminster.

Eggs For Hope 2002

Father Bernard's Childrens' Fund - working for handicapped Polish children

Honorary Consul RP and FBCF General Secretary Mike Oborski and those eggs!

Appeal to establish a memorial to Polish war veterans buried at Credenhill in Herefordshire, U.K.

Bigos & Chips...

People always used to ask me "So, do you feel English or Polish?"

I always used to reply "Well, when I am with the English I feel Polish and when I am with Poles I always feel Ennglish".

The truth was rather different...

A Concise History of Poland

Jerzy Lukowski, Hubert Zawadzki
Cambridge (2001)

Poland is a country which sporadically hits the headlines of the Anglo-Saxon world. It has suffered the dubious distinction of being wiped off the political map in 1795 to be resurrected after the First World War only to suffer apparent annihilation during the Second, with reduction to satellite status of the Soviet Union only to emerge in the van of resistance to Soviet domination during the 1980s. Yet the history of Poland remains comparatively little known. This book offers a brief, non-specialist introduction to Polish history, from medieval times to the present day, and is the only short history of Poland available in English. It concentrates essentially on political development which, particularly for the pre-nineteenth-century period, still remains little known to English readers. The book also includes much material on relations with Germany, Russia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, and other neighbouring states.

The first comprehensive encylopedia in English covering every aspect of Contemporary Poland:-

The country and its inhabitants – the government and the legal system – Political Parties - Poland, Europe and the World – Poland in the face of Nazism and Communism – Poles abroad – Ethnic minorities in Poland.

Literature – Art – Music – Theatre and the cinema – Folklore – The media – History – Education – Science – The economy and finance – The Catholic Church and religious communities – Sport.

Administrative divisions – Towns – Microregions – Tourist geography of Poland – National Parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty – Environmental protection – maps.

A4 Size, 978 pages, profusely illustratated.

Available in U.K. fom Veritas Foundation Publication Centre, 63 Jeddo Road, London W12 9EE, England. £49.99 plus £5.00 post and packing.

Anita Debska

"Throughout the mixed fortunes of Poland in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the poetry and life of Mickiewicz have played a symbolic role, especially at times of crisis. (…) In 1955, a century after his death, Mickiewicz was still seen as the lifeblood of the national culture. In characteristically laconic lines, apparently at the furthest remove from Romanticism, the distinguished poet Tadeusz Rozewicz called Mickiewicz’s poetry "bread… that became the nation’s blood":

a hundred years it has fed us
this same bread
with the strength of feeling

Now, two centuries after his birth, Poland is beginning to take its rightful place as one of the larger nations in the modern democratic Europe and at last it is possible to see Mickiewicz as a poet rather than a myth. His poetry continues to astonish and delight by its enormous range of form and content, by the relevance of its topics and ideas to our own world, and above all by the simultaneous richness, clarity and naturalness of its language."

"This book is intended to give the general reader in English a taste of Mickiewicz’s poetry, together with a glimpse into his life and times, in order to make these examples of his writing more accessible to the non-specialist."

For a copy of Anita Debska's book send a cheque (payable to "M. Oborski") for GPB 6.00 (postage and packing included) to M.Oborski, 6 Osborne Close, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 3YY. We can only accept UK orders.

Showing in Polish Cinemas the new film version of "Quo Vadis"...



Celebrating Polish entry into EU in Kidderminster, UK

...Welcome to the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Kidderminster in the heart of England...

in Kidderminster
(United Kingdom)

Witamy! Welcome!

Your journey across the internet has brought you to the online home of the Polish Consulate in Kidderminster serving the West Midlands of the United Kingdom.

As well as the Polish Embassy in London and Consulate Generals in London and Edinburgh Poland is also now represented by Honorary Consuls in Kidderminster, Bristol, Hull, Sheffield, and Gibraltar.

The Polish Consulate in Kidderminster (approximately 20 miles South West of Birmingham) serves the West Midland Region in the Heart of Great Britain.

We are here to provide advice and assistance...

  • For Polish Citizens;

  • For members of the large Polish Community in the Region;

  • For the many Polish Organisations in the area;

  • For companies doing business, or interested in doing business in Poland;

  • On travel and tourism in Poland;

  • Polish history, folklore, tradition, and culture;

  • Assisting schools and colleges;

  • Providing speakers, lecturers, exhibitions, and presentations.

  • We are also delighted to deal with comments and queries from our online visitors!

Please get in touch if we can be of assistance at any time.

We cannot promise to get it right but we do our best!

We do look forward to hearing from you!

We also hope that you will find our site a useful online launching point from which to discover and explore a beautiful and exciting country with an amazing history; a thriving and exciting culture; and a bustling and enthusiastic role in the modern world.

Welcome to the country we love.

Welcome to "God's Playground".

Welcome to Poland!

With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year!

Cllr.Mike Oborski
Honorary Consul R.P.

Mike and Fran Oborski (left) meeting President Kwasniewski (Warsaw, June 2002)


consul polish.zzn.com

Write to...

Consulate of the Republic of Poland, 6 Osborne Close, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 3YY, United Kingdom


Tel : 00 44 1562 630523, Tel (U.K.) : 01562 630523


Fax : 00 44 1562 861145, Fax (U.K.) : 01562 861145

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Polish Radio Stations Online

Radio Polonia Real Audio Online in English

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Poland - get the fast and basic survival guide...

...including Current Time; Current Weather; Current Exchange Rates; Poland; Travel; Passports & Visas; Weather; Clothing; Money; Customs; Accomodation & Restaurants; Driving; Time; Health; Safety; Language; Dialing; Border Crossings; English Language Papers; Public Holidays; Further Information; Consulate Generals; British Embassy in Warsaw.

Access key first rate briefings on Poland from PAIZ (Polish Agency For Foreign Investment)…

Polish official statistics at your finger tips from the Polish Official Statistics Office.

Get all the vital Polish tourism updates from the Polish National Tourist Office in London

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Poland and E.U.? So what exactly do YOU think?...

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And now for something to eat and drink...

Try a little Bigos, the Polish national dish at the...

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Our Top Ten Favourite Sites…

Poles In Great Britain Online Club is the informal place to seek information and exchange opinions. We run it so we are of course extremely biased!

The Bigos Bar is the only site in the World devoted exclusively to Bigos - one of the great marvels of the World! Enjoy the restaurant, visit the bar and relax in the reading room!

The place to purchase those cult Polish discs. Excellent service at very reasonable cost!

The Polish Art Center seems to sell just about everything Polish. The range of goods is truly awesome. Postage for orders from the U.K. is of course expensive but the service is absolutely first rate. We speak from first hand experience.

Find out all about TS/S Batory and all her Polish predecessors on the high seas including the old pre-war MS Batory and the MS Pilsudski.

Warsaw Voice is the brilliant English language weekly. The full magazine is online updated every Thursday. Don’t miss the "Heard In Passing" column while you are there!

Media Poland is the place for Polish Radio stations online and there are dozens of them. Our office reverberates to the sound of Radio Bialystok. You can also listen to the Sejm in session!

Radio Polonia is where you can find their Real Audio English language Polish news programme online. Excellent way of keeping up to date with events in Poland!

Polish Music Center is an absolutely massive resource on Polish classical music!

Completorium – Polish Early Music is a marvellous place to discover one of Poland’s least known treasures. Polish early music is absolutely beautiful and very distinctive.

Search the web...


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Thank you for visiting the online home of the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Kidderminster covering the West Midlands of the United Kingdom.

We hope that you enjoyed your visit and we would welcome any comments or suggestions.

We look forward to welcoming you again in the near future.

consul polish.zzn.com

Consulate of the Republic of Poland
6 Osborne Close, Kidderminster, Worcs DY10 3YY, United Kingdom
Tel : 00 44 1562 630523, Tel (U.K.) : 01562 630523
Fax : 00 44 1562 861145, Fax (U.K.) : 01562 861145

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Hymn Inicjatywy Obywatelskiej TAK w Referendum

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