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...who does all the driving and proof reading,
What a long strange trip it's been.

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...who told me to write it all down, and who should, in return, be out there now recording an album of Beatles and Byrds covers.

Hi guys!


People always used to ask me “So, do you feel English or Polish?”

I always used to reply “Well, when I am with the English I always feel Polish and when I am with Poles I always feel English”.

The truth was rather different...

Born in 1946 with an English mother and a Polish father Mike Oborski is the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland for the West Midlands of the United Kingdom.

"Bigos & Chips" is a highly personalised and idiosyncratic account of coming to terms with a Polish heritage and of an eventual immersion in Polish causes and activities.

Humorous and light hearted it is also both thought provoking and stimulating.

All profits from the book will be donated to Father Bernard's Children's Fund in aid of Polish children in need.


Mike Oborski – meet the author.

Introduction – another generation.

1. Bonaparte, Bras and Bigos - recollections of an Anglo-Polish upbringing in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

2. Damn Passive Sympathy - campaigning in support of Solidarnosc in the 1980s.

3. Taking the “Stairway To Heaven” - Poland at the point of change in the Summer and Autumn of 1989.

4. Why Didn’t You Mention The Flag Pole? - working as a present day Polish Honorary Consul.

5. If Freedom Then What Freedom? - Sketches and fragments of a new Poland with a long history - Driven to despair - Farewell to September - On Nowy Swiat even the cats have literary ambitions - Z-Z (probably via Z) - Seven redundant concubines - “Do you want us to damage him badly?” - The promised land - I cannot come to you today - "You only want me to live for one more year?" - The first time we were eaten at a restaurant - Twinkle Inna Polish stylee - Too much to remember - "Achy, breaky..." - Wolf's Lair - “We happen to have tickets for a concert” - Crib with field gun.

6. Squaring The Circle - conclusions of sorts on an Anglo-Polish life.

7. Over To You - How to discover more about Poland.

Appendix 1 Western Perceptions of Poland.

Appendix 2 Father Bernard’s Children’s Fund.


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Bonaparte, Bras & Bigos
Damn Passive Sympathy
The Stairway To Heaven
Why Didn't You Tell Them About The Flagpole
If Freedom Then What Freedom?

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