Special notice for holders of Polish passports, and others of Polish origin, not living in Poland but intending to visit Poland…

You may have seen notices inserted in tourist publications and information stating…

If you are a holder of two (or more) passports – one of them Polish – please remember:

When in Poland, you’re a Pole!

According to Polish law, all Polish citizens are obliged to identify themselves in front of Polish authorities using their Polish documents.
Please also note that Polish citizens who have their permanent residence abroad are not liable for military service in Poland.

If YOU do hold a Polish passport then please do follow that advice when visiting Poland.

However, while straightforward and accurate in so far as it goes the wording has caused some concern and confusion to people with Polish roots or connections who do NOT hold a Polish passport.

The position is in fact simple. There is no problem.

If YOU have Polish roots but do NOT hold a Polish passport you will of course experience no problems visiting Poland on your normal passport but please check in advance to ensure that you meet any visa or other requirements that may apply depending one which country’s passport you do in fact hold.