Circular to Former Slave Workers in Germany

now resident in the United Kingdom…

Issued by in United Kingdom by:-
Czeslaw Zychowicz, Chairman of Ex-Combatants Association (SPK)
Jan Mokrzycki, Chairman of The Federation of Poles in GB

You may have heard of proceedings being brought in the United states by Holocaust survivors suing German companies such as Volkswagen BASF, Bayer, Siemens and BMW who used slave labour in factories during the war.

Negotiations have also been going on for the past year between the government, leaders of the Jewish community and legal representatives from the US, Germany, Poland and other Eastern and Central European countries. At the last round of negotiations an offer of $3.3 billion dollars was made by the German negotiators, in settlement of all claims. Such a settlement would seem only to offer survivors on average GBP 200 each. This offer was thus rejected by the representatives of the survivors as “insulting”. Negotiations are due to reconvene in November.

Leigh, Day & Co., Solicitors, who act on behalf of the Japanese Prisoners of War, are prepared to act on behalf of Polish survivors. To ensure that they obtain compensation for their suffering through negotiations or if necessary by way of proceedings either in the US or Germany. Ex-slave and forced labourers now living in Britain are not formally represented at the negotiating table. Leigh, Day & Co. are however already in touch with the Foreign Office in order to gain direct representation for the former British POWs, whether formally or as observers and are in discussions with US and German lawyers regarding the filing of a claim on behalf of the Polish former slave labourers now living in Britain. Leigh, Day & Co., are acting under a no win no fee agreement.

If you were forced to work for a German enterprise during the war and are interested in pursuing a claim for compensation we suggest that you contact Ms Michalowska at Leigh, Day & Co., asking for a questionnaire and further information on the subject: Leigh, Day & Co., Priory House, 25 St. John’s Lane, London EC1 4LB.

Updated 1st November 1999

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