I'm the boss. I love water - playing with the bath (I particularly like playing with the plastic ducks) or dashing about in the rain. My big ambition is to steal the vortex from the bath when the plug is pulled out. I can see it so it must be there - but everytime I try to get hold of it it seems to disintegrate in my paws! Still I'm working on it!

I would guess that I am part Abyssinian and part Tabby. I was found wondering as an abandoned kitten but I have a good home now.

My name is Polish. Formally I'm addressed as "Pan Tadeusz". Informally  it's "Tadek" but I also answer to "Taddy Puss" or "Tad".

I am very affectionate, easy going, and eager to please, but I also have a very strong personality. You can pick me and cuddle me. I don't really go in for sitting on laps but you can't beat a human body for keeping my bed warm at night.

Personally I don't understand all the fuss about territory. If other cats aren't creating a fuss I just invite them in to Party! I'm something of a leader in the neighbourhood!

I love frogs. I never hurt them but bring them into the house to watch. Strangely enough this is not always popular!

If you really want to please me a few prawns go a very long way!