Poland and the ‘Foot & Mouth’ outbreak in Britain


There is absolutely NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in rumours that Polish borders have been closed, are closed, or will be closed to visitors from the United Kingdom because of the Foot and Mouth outbreak in the U.K.. Travel between Britain and Poland continues as normal and there is no need for anyone to alter or abandon travel plans because of the outbreak.


However the Foot & Mouth outbreak has led to a ban on bringing certain types of food and organic products into Poland from European Union countries (including U.K.) and 12 other countries namely Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland and Slovenia.

The only aspect which is likely to effect ordinary visitors is the ban on taking into Poland raw meat and its products, which have not been pasteurised at a temperature of over 72 degrees centigrade and milk and its products which have not been pasteurised.

Other products which are banned include

Pet animals should also not be taken into Poland.

The ban was introduced on 13th March 2001 and is valid until further notice.

Please contact us if you have any queries.

Cllr Mike Oborski
Honorary Consul